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1. Cell Phone Manuals Tell You

Most cell phone manuals come with fine print instructions on how to use the phone safer in regards to radiation. A majority of manuals tell consumers to keep the phone about an inch away from the body at all times and when talking on the phone to use a wired ear piece or speaker phone.

2. Long-term Studies Show Effects

While the vast majority of studies on cell phone radiation do not show a biological effect, researchers have found that studies conducted over 10 years or longer show an increased risk of brain cancer for heavy users. These cancers tended to be ipsilateral to where the person reported using their phone the most.

3. Independent and Industry Studies

Researchers analyzed hundreds of studies on cell phone radiation and discovered that if you seperate out the studies based on their funding source you find two distictly different patterns. The independently funded studies tended to find a biologic effect while the industry funded studies did not.

4. Children Absorb More Radiation

Studies conducted around the globe have shown that children's brains absorb more radiation from cell phones. This is due to children's thinner skulls and developing brains.

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